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I set this page up for my own use, for to keep an eye on things I am working on, or things that I should be working on. I figured there was no need to keep this page all to myself, since everything here is public. Not everything here works perfecly, and this page does not comprise everything up to which I am. This page is not pretty and it is not supposed to be, but I might go ahead and add foofy curves and borders. Sorabji.ME was intended as a personal start page/portal for myself, and behind the scenes I use eGroupWare for certain project and resource management. Groupware may seem illogical in this context since there is no "group" here, only me, but it has proven useful in a number of ways. I wrote a little bit about my interest in groupware for the individual here. For more things to look at try my sitemap. Contact me here.

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"The Etude" Magazine, Recently Posted Stories
    Accompanying Singers. - September, 1902
    It is not easy to give directions for this most rare accomplishment. There are so many sides to it and conditions confronting it that a book could and should be written which would, as far as possible, exhaust the subject. Let us first consider the accompanist, and, because so many more women than men aim to succeed in this field, we will designate her as she.

    The Awakening. - September, 1902
    Some awakenings are gradual. The dream of success has not been a troubled dream, but a season of repose interspersed with moments of self-sacrificing effort. The gifts, however, were so abundant that even such efforts gave a respectable harvest of tone and encouragement, and a future with brilliant prospects was...

    The Technic of Vocal Expression. No. III. Tone-Connection. - September, 1902
    The principal varieties of tone-connection in singing may be classified as follows: Legato, Portamento, Marcato, and Staccato. The term Legato is from the Italian legare, to bind, and indicates a tone-connection where the pitch of one tone begins directly at the close of the previous tone without any break of...

    Study in Phrasing. I. - September, 1902
    Because of the intimate relations of poetry and vocal music there is much light to be cast from verses upon tunes, and from tunes upon verses. As soon as we begin to set words in order, into feet, lines, and stanzas, the question of collocation, the place for separation, and...

    Why Am I So Stupid? - September, 1902
    This question was asked me some time ago by a pupil who for years had been singing with a very tightly constricted throat, so much so, that the quality was very harsh and poor, and there was very little power. I answered this question, and will give the readers of...

    Operatic Voices. - September, 1902
    W. J. Henderson clears  up some of the fog of adulation that exists around the present-day opera-singers. He writes in his department of the New York Times: The unthinking worship of the opera-singer has its origin in the supposition that the best singers in the world go upon the operatic...

    How the Voice Looks. - September, 1902
    Prof. E. W. Scripture contributes an article entitled "How the Voice Looks" to a recent number of the Century. Professor Scripture is director of the Psychological Laboratory of Yale University, and if his views are accepted there promises to be a revolution in vocal teaching. The illustrations tell some curious...

    Questions and Answers. - September, 1902
    The question received relating to accompanying singers was so pertinent to present conditions that I have made an extended allusion to it in the article heading this department. Ida H.—The Baritone, when singing from a treble score, pitches his voice an octave lower, and this unconsciously; for, as a rule,...

    True Meaning and Value of Creative Work. - September, 1902
    Whip the lagging interest into active curiosity if nothing else. Hermann Ritter is known throughout Europe as a wonderful lecturer on musical history, yet it must be said that he spends three-fourths of the lesson-hour in relating apparently irrelevant stories that seemingly have little bearing on the subject.

    Essential Characteristics of Teaching Pieces for the Lower Grades. - September, 1902
    W. S. B. MATHEWS. Every experienced teacher necessarily formulates in some interior part of his mind certain elements which he thinks pieces ought to have or not have for pupils in the early stages of learning. Yet it is rare that he is able to state precisely what are the...

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Rogers Department Store. October 28, 1965.
Membership Card, Unemployed League of Lower Luzerne County, 1935-1936.
State Emergency Relief Administration. July 28, 1937.
Dr. T. J. Mras, Dentist. Hazleton, PA. February 13, 1936.
United Tailoring Company. Bronx, N.Y. 1930s.
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Work Division, Assignment and Identification Card. April 13, 1935.
Notice To Worker. April 15, 1935.
Lansing Fuel & Gas. May, 1907.
Twenty Five Dollars for Rent of Tenement. August 1, 1888.
J. H. Reitz & Son, Millway, PA. June 19, 1930.
Burdan's Ice Cream. March 18, 1930.

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Talking on the Telebeam — But For How Much Longer?
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Grupo Wayne. Music of the Andes. NYC Subway Buskers Heard Through a Nearby Payphone.
Another Classy LinkNYC Customer
Leipzig Phone Booth
Photographing LinkNYC Users Has Become a Niche Fascination
Tesla, Thomas, Thurber. “Phone Booth”, by Ariana Kelly.
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